An adaptation of Tina Mendes on the passionate French fairy tale written by Jeanne-Marie LePrince de Beaumont.

In a small French village, Bela, a smart and dreamy young woman is considered strange by everyone, and her father Maurice, an inventor who is seen as crazy. She is courted by Gaston, the handsome village man who wants to marry her. But in spite of all the young women in the village who find him a handsome man, Bela does not accept him, for he sees in him an arrogant and showy person.

When Bela’s father goes to the Lyon contest to demonstrate his new invention, he ends up lost in the woods and is attacked by wolves. Desperate, Maurice seeks shelter in a castle, but eventually becomes a prisoner of the Beast, the lord of the castle, who is actually a prince who was cursed by a witch when he denied shelter.

When Bela feels something has happened to her father, she goes looking for her. She arrives at the castle and there makes a deal with the Beast: if her father were released she would be in the castle forever. The Beast agrees, and all castle dwellers, who have also been turned into talking objects, feel that this may be the chance of the spell being broken. But this will only happen if the Beast learns to love and to be loved.

What seemed impossible finally happens. Bela can see beyond appearances and teaches him the true meaning of love.

Show Info

Tina Mendes

Andresa Gavioli and Mauro Pucca

Production Assistant
Fernanda Gavioli

Assistant Director
Guilherme Costenaro

Daniel Oliveira, Mauro Pucca and Alpio Stanchi

Arlete Castro

Light Designer
Rodrigo Souza

Sound Design
Rodrigo Papa

Roseli Oliveira

Visual Designer
Vicente Queiroz

Duration Approx.
60 minutes



Thaty Helena
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"Everyone has a gift and these actors are spectacular, I have never seen anything so enchanting ... Congratulations to all involved because for this show to be held we know that there are many people that contributes to happen ... I recommend as many times as necessary 😍😍😍 my daughter loved it! "
Nani Santos Santos
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"Beautiful show, exciting. Great and beautiful actors, interact with the audience, friendly, nice place and beautiful costumes. Congratulations !!!!!"
Priscyla Figueira
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"Amazing, wonderful show from beginning to end ... with no more words to define ... My 5 year old daughter loved it"
Mara Tavares
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"Wonderful show, the actors give a show of acting. Simply exciting from start to finish !!"
Nildaci M.R. Souza
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"Wonderful actors, super professionals! They represented the beautiful story with excellence: Beauty and the Beast! Anyone who can watch will surely love it!"
Juliana Marques
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"The show is really wonderful 😍 Loved !!! I recommend it, certainly for adults and children, I watched with my mother and we really liked the songs (beautiful) and the actors are excellent, super talented." 😄😃👏👏

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