An adaptation of Tina Mendes, inspired by the work of the Brothers Grimm. Aurora, a princess who at birth is the victim of a cruel spell cast by a vengeful and resentful fairy named Maleficent. That spell would make her on her sixteenth birthday, stick her finger in the spindle in a spinning spindle and fall into a deep sleep, where her only salvation would be a passionate kiss of true love. However, despite the help of three kindly fairies, Sun, Moon and Star, the spell is performed. But the handsome Prince Philip, armed with the sword of truth and the shield of virtue, bravely faces Maleficent and goes on to save his one true love, thus living happily ever after.

Show Info

Tina Mendes

Andresa Gavioli and Mauro Pucca

Production Assistant
Fernanda Gavioli

Assistant Director
Guilherme Costenaro

Rachel Drodowsky

Andrea Colonese and Mauro Pucca

Arlete Castro

Light Designer
Jukyara Felipe

Sound Designer
Rodrigo Papa

Roseli Oliveira

Visual Designer
Vicente Queiroz

Approx. 60 ‘



Noélia Deiró
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"WONDERFUL .... I just watched and my daughter LOVED. Beautiful show, beautiful costumes and talented actors !!! Congratulations to all !!!!"
Renata Arruda
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"We went to the Sleeping Beauty show today, what a beautiful surprise! Great show! Actors, impeccable costumes, great script! Great fun, better than a lot of adult play! I'll take my daughter to all the plays now! Thank you for exceeding your expectations! "
Suzana Santos
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"Work done with love and care. Very nice for the whole family!"
Juliana Matos
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"Beautiful show! Congratulations !!! Beautiful scenery, impeccable costumes, all great. The kids loved it and want to come back!"
Marco Aurelio F. Matos
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"Beautiful show. The children in general paid close attention and interacted !!!! This for me is the greatest proof of the overall quality of the piece. Congratulations !! I recommend !!!!"
Priscila Bianchi
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"Beautiful work! Interpretation, costumes, impeccable production. We love and recommend it!"

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