The Beauty and the Beast

The Beauty and the Beast

Project executed by the OPA through the Law of incentive to the Rouanet culture in 2014 – Teatro das Artes – Shopping Eldorado

Sponsorship: Foxconn

Genre: Children


A Bela e a Fera” – Espetáculo de Andresa Gavioli e Mauro Pucca. “The Beauty and a Beast” – Show of Andresa Gavioli and Mauro Pucca. An arrogant and spoiled prince is bewitched and transformed into a beast by a witch and only has his beauty back when he learns to love and be loved. But what seemed to be impossible, at last happens. Beautiful, an intelligent and dreamy young woman who can see beyond appearances and teach the true meaning of love.

Genre: Children

Duration: Approx. 60 ‘

Free classification

Technical file:

Adapted by: Tina Mendes

Directed by: Andresa Gavioli

Assistant Director: Guilherme Costenaro

Production Director: Mauro Pucca

Production Assistant: Fernanda Gavioli

Executive Producer: Renato Scarpin

Costume Designer: Cidah Corrêa and Arlete Castro

Scenography: Rafael Junqueira and Daniel Amaral

Lighting: Rodrigo Souza

Sound effects:  Sérgio Luiz

Visual Art: Vicente Queiróz

Achievement: OSCARDEPAU Produções Artísticas

Cast: Andresa Gavioli, Mauro Pucca, Aguiberto Santos, Erika Farias, Fernanda Gavioli, Guilherme Costenaro, Maritta Cury, Zé Alberto Martins and Wellington Firmino.

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