Only time itself can bring the experience and awareness of what you could have improved in your life.

“Um Senhor Chamado Tempo” (A Lord called Time) tells the story of a man who could talk to himself when he was 40 years old in order to reflect on the points that made his career decline. Going through the cycles of achievement, loss, and depression, the show is a reflection on how we should hold onto only the things that are really meaningful in our lives and discard unimportant ones.

In a metaphor of Art Imitates Life, the show takes place in a dressing room where a theater actor talks through a mirror to himself when he was only 20 and at the height of success, so we can reflect on our independent decisions of the profession.

Um Senhor Chamado Tempo-Oscardepau Produções Artísticas

Show Info

Leonardo Alkmim

João Tavares

Executive Production
Andresa Gavioli

Assistant Director
Mauro Pucca

Production Assistant
Fernanda Gavioli

Arlete Castro

Light Designer
Ronney Thiago

Visual Designer
Josuel Oliveira

Approx. 60 ’


14 years

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