A comedy that promises to entertain the audience. It brings a hilarious portrait about the true face of people when they make a lot of money. A delicious comedy of customs, which shows the funeral of a bureau worker, surrounded by people with whom he lived during his life and not at all moved by the situation, on the contrary, are interested in taking advantage of it, since the deceased just won in the seine, but no one knows where he kept the note. The show shows the marathon that is formed upon learning of the prize. From this moment on, everything goes around looking for the winning ticket. Veiling the deceased turns into the background.

A scandalous widow, a gossiping neighbor, a contradictory wit, a sister with false shame, a false colleague, an inconvenient drunkard, an element of surprise and a good deal of greed and interest.

Intriguing, engaging and fun, this is “Velório à Brasileira” (“Deathwatch like Brazilian Style”).

Show Info

Aziz Bajur

Ilvio Amaral

Executive Production
Andresa Gavioli

Production Assistant
Fernanda Gavioli

Ligia Botelho

Arlete Castro

Light Designer
Rodrigo Souza

Visual Designer
Gustavo Lambreta

Approx.60 ’


14 years

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