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Sleeping Beauty

Sleeping Beauty

Project executed by the OPA through the Law of incentive to the Rouanet culture in 2015– Teatro das Artes – Shopping Eldorado

Sponsorship: Foxconn Genre: Children


An adaptation of Tina Mendes, inspired by the work of the Brothers Grimm. Aurora, a princess who at birth is the victim of a cruel spell cast by a vengeful and resentful fairy called the Malevolent. This spell would do it on the day of his 16th birthday, stick his finger in the spindle in a spinning rock and fall into a deep sleep, where his only salvation would be a passionate kiss of true love. However, despite the help of three good little fairies, Sun, Moon and Star, the spell takes place. But the beautiful prince Philip, armed with the sword of truth and the shield of virtue, faces with malevolent bravery and goes on to save his one true love, living happily ever after.

Duration: Aprox. 60’

Free classification Livre

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ABelaAdormecidaOEspetaculo/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/ABelaAdormecida_OEspetaculo

Technical file:

Adapted by: Tina Mendes

Directed by: Mauro Pucca

Musical Direction: Eduardo Pereira

Vocal Preparation: Lívia Valsichi

Assistant Director: Guilherme Costenaro

Production Director: Renato Scarpin

Production Assistant: Fernanda Gavioli

Executive Producer: Andresa Gavioli

Costume Designer: Cidah Corrêa and Arlete Castro

Scenography: Andrea Colonese

Lighting: Jukyara Felipe

Sound effects:  Sérgio Luís

Visual Art: Vicente Queiróz

Dolls and Dragon: Paul Zanon

Achievement: OSCARDEPAU Produções Artísticas

Cast: Andresa Gavioli, Mauro Pucca, Fernanda Gavioli, Gabrielle Oliveira, Guilherme Costenaro, Leticia Scopetta, Luana Oliveira, Maritta Cury, Marna Steiner, Matheus Severo, Natália Negrão and Zé Alberto Martins.

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