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The Beauty and the Beast

The Beauty and the Beast

An adaptation of Tina Mendes on the thrilling French fairy tale written by Jeanne-Marie LePrince de Beaumont.

In a small village in France, Bela, an intelligent and dreamy young woman is considered strange by all, and her father Maurice, an inventor who is seen as a madman. She is courted by Gaston, the handsome villager who wants to marry her. But even though all the girls in the village find him a handsome man, Bela does not accept him, because he sees him as an arrogant person.

When Bela’s father goes to the Lyon competition to demonstrate his new invention, he ends up losing himself in the forest and is attacked by wolves. Desperate, Maurice seeks shelter in a castle, but ends up becoming a prisoner of the Beast, the lord of the castle, who is actually a prince who was cursed by a sorceress when he denied her a home.

When Bela feels something has happened her father is looking for you. She arrives at the castle and makes a deal with the Beast: if her father were released she would stay in the castle forever. The Beast agrees and all the “locals” of the castle, who have also been transformed into talking objects, feel that this may be the chance of the spell being broken. But this will only happen if the Beast learns to love and be loved.

What seemed impossible, at last happens. Bella can see beyond appearances and teaches her the true meaning of love.


Hours: Saturdays and Sundays at 4:00 p.m. – From January 7 to February 26.

Location: Teatro das Artes (Avenida Rebouças, 3970, Shopping Eldorado – 3rd Floor -Pinheiros).

Early Sale of Tickets: https://www.tudus.com.br/evento/teatro-das-artes-a-bela-e-a-fera

Tickets: R$ 60,00 inteira e R$ 30,00 meia

Genre: Children

Duration: Approx. 60 '

Free classification

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ABelaEAFeraOEspetaculo/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/ABelaEAFera_OEspetaculo/

Telephone for information: (11)3034-0075 / (11)2532-0138 / (11) 97986-1585 / (11)97986 – 1586

http://www.teatros.art.br/teatro-das- artes-sp

Technical file:

Adapted by: Tina Mendes

Direction: Andresa Gavioli and Mauro Pucca

Assistant Director: Guilherme Costenaro

Executive Producer: Andresa Gavioli

Production Director: Mauro Pucca

Production Assistant: Fernanda Gavioli

Costume Design: Arlete Castro

Scenography: Rafael Junqueira and Daniel Amaral

Lighting: Rodrigo Souza

Sound effects:  Sérgio Luiz

Visual Art: Vicente Queiróz

Achievement: OSCARDEPAU Produções Artísticas

Cast: Andresa Gavioli, Mauro Pucca, Aguiberto Santos, Erika Farias, Fernanda Gavioli, Guilherme Costenaro, Thalita Drodowsky, Zé Alberto Martins and Wellington Firmino.

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